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Laser Vagina Tightening Procedure

Laser Vagina Tightening Procedure

Vagina Tightening: Revolution in Women's Health with Technological Solutions

Vaginal tightening has become a preferred method compared to vaginoplasty surgeries today. Vaginal enlargement caused by various reasons can affect both sexual life and general health. The impact of technological developments in the field of medicine has brought a new perspective to the solution of these problems by making it possible to use laser technology.

Vagina Tightening: Rejuvenation and Healthy Change

Vaginal tightening procedure is also called vaginal renewal and rejuvenation. In this procedure, lasers increase the subcutaneous collagen connective tissue by energising the application area. In this way, urinary incontinence problems due to coughing, laughing or sneezing can also be solved.

Vagina Enlargement and Causes

Vaginal enlargement may occur due to many factors. Factors such as advanced age, heavy weight, birth, frequent sexual intercourse, abortion can cause vaginal enlargement. This can lead to problems that can negatively affect daily life. Therefore, vaginal tightening is recommended to prevent deformation of the collagen structure.

Reasons for Application in Vagina Tightening Procedure

Urinary incontinence
- Inability to feel pleasure during sexual intercourse
- Uterine prolapse
- Bowel prolapse
- Vaginal dryness problems

 Laser Vagina Tightening: Fast, Painless and Effective

 Laser Vagina Tightening: Fast, Painless and Effective

Laser vaginal tightening takes 20 to 30 minutes and you can return to your normal life the same day. A painless experience is offered using local anaesthesia. Fractional carbon dioxide and erbium yag lasers are the most widely used techniques in vagina tightening procedures worldwide.

Effect of Vaginal Laser: Improvement of Collagen and Elastic Connective Tissue

Lasers used in vaginal tightening stimulate the connective tissue of the vagina with thermal and ablative effects, providing significant improvement in collagen and elastic connective tissue. In this way, vaginal tightening becomes a painless procedure that takes only an average of 20 minutes.

Laser Genital Aesthetics: Aesthetic and Functional Benefits

Lazerle Genital Estetik: Estetik ve Fonksiyonel Faydalar

Darkening of the colour and wrinkles in the vulva area can cause aesthetic problems in some women. Lasers offer aesthetic and functional benefits by providing fullness and colouring in the genital area. Laser vaginal tightening eliminates problems experienced during sexual intercourse and solves incontinence problems due to vaginal collagen weakness.

Laser Vagina Rejuvenation and Tightening: No Surgical Risk

Laser vaginal tightening is considered a safer method that does not carry surgical risk compared to vaginoplasty. In addition to eliminating the problems experienced during sexual intercourse, it offers the opportunity to narrow the entrance part of the vagina.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does laser vaginal tightening take?

Laser vaginal tightening takes 20 to 30 minutes and you can return to your normal life on the same day.

How often should laser vaginal rejuvenation be repeated?

Depending on the complaints, it is applied 2-3 times with an interval of 6 weeks. Single session repetition is recommended once a year.

Which complaints are normal after laser vaginal tightening?

Mild burning complaints lasting for a few days after the procedure are considered normal. Sexual intercourse is recommended 1 week after the procedure.


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