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Mollusc Contagiosum Treatment

No More Molluscum Contagiosum! Let Laser Beams Be Your Salvation

Dear women, we know that you are overwhelmed by the molluscum lesions that appear on your body. But the solution is very close! It is now very easy to get rid of this problem with laser beams. Let's talk to Dr. Tuba Nadide Yılmaz about how molluscum contagiosum is treated with laser and what awaits you.

What is Molluscum Contagiosum and What are the Symptoms?

What is Molluscum Contagiosum and What are the Symptoms?

How is Molluscum Contagiosum Dangerous?

Molluscum lesions are usually harmless and may disappear on their own. However, their proliferation and spread can cause problems. And of course they look ugly! That's why treatment is essential.

How Does Laser Treatment Work?

Laser beams can easily destroy molluscum lesions. The heat of the laser beam dries and destroys the lesions. It targets only the lesioned area without damaging the surrounding tissue.

How is the treatment administered?

  • The lesioned area is identified.
  • Protective goggles are worn.
  • The laser device is held on the lesion for a few seconds.
  • There may be a slight burning sensation.
  • The treatment may take a few minutes.
  • 2-4 sessions are recommended.

In short, laser treatment is a fast, effective, comfortable and safe molluscum contagiosum solution.

Things to Consider After Cryotherapy

Points to be considered after laser:

  • The lasered area should be kept clean.
  • Pomade can be applied to the area.
  • Lesions should be avoided.
  • Sexual intercourse should be interrupted for 3-5 days.

In short, there is no need to worry, laser beams will solve your molluscum problem in a very short time! It's time to breathe a sigh of relief.

FAQs about Molluscum Treatment with Laser

How many sessions do you need?

Usually 2-4 sessions are sufficient. In some cases, even a single session may provide improvement.

What are the side effects of laser treatment?

Very mild redness and sensitivity may be observed. There are no serious side effects.

How long does the treatment last?

Each session takes only a few minutes. It is a very fast procedure.

Is it painful?

No, there is only a slight sensation of heat. It is a painless treatment.

Will it relapse?

It may rarely relapse. Periodic check-ups are important. Treatment is repeated if necessary.

Who should not have it done?

Pregnant women and those with serious health problems should consult a doctor. Otherwise, it can be applied to everyone.

After how many days is the benefit seen?

Usually, the lesions start to shrink after the first session. Complete healing is expected in 2-3 sessions.

In short, laser treatment for molluscum is effective, fast and safe.

Dr. Tuba Nadide Yilmaz

Dr. Tuba Nadide Yilmaz

Obstetrician Dr. Tuba Nadide Yilmaz is a leading expert in her field, specializing in genital aesthetics and health services with extensive knowledge and experience. She offers comprehensive guidance for maintaining a healthy lifestyle along with customized solutions that cater to individual patient needs using modern treatment methods. We endeavor to restore your self-confidence. Please feel free to contact us for any questions or appointment requests. Our top priority is your health.