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Condyloma Cauterization and Excision (Removal)

Solution to Condyloma Problem: Effective Cauterization and Excision Methods

Dear women, condylomas in the genital area can be a serious concern. However, we want you to know that condylomas can now be controlled with effective treatment methods. Let's examine cauterization and excision treatments, which are the most effective solutions for condylomas, with Dr. Tuba Nadide Yılmaz.

What is Condyloma and How Does It Occur?

Condylomas are genital warts caused by the HPV virus. They are usually sexually transmitted. They can be seen in the vagina, vulva, penis and anus. If left untreated, they tend to multiply.

How Are Condylomas Dangerous?

Condylomas do not pose a direct risk to life. However, some HPV types carry the risk of causing cervical cancer. They also pose a risk of disfigurement and transmission.

How are cauterization and excision treatments applied?

In cauterization, warts are destroyed by burning them with a chemical solution or heat. In excision, they are surgically removed.

The procedures are applied as follows:

  • First the area is cleaned and anesthetized.
  • Acid or heat is used for cauterization; surgical knife is used for excision.
  • The warts are completely burned or removed.
  • Wait 1-2 weeks for healing.
  • The treatment is repeated if necessary.

These methods can effectively remove warts.

How Should Post-Treatment Care Be?

Things to consider after the procedure:

  • Abstaining from sexual intercourse for a few days
  • To follow the rules of cleanliness and hygiene
  • Consulting a doctor for any discharge or bleeding
  • Making sure the warts disappear completely

Relapses can be prevented with regular check-ups.

The most effective solution for condylomas is cauterization and excision methods applied by an experienced specialist. You can contact Dr. Tuba Nadide Yılmaz to stay healthy and safe.

Dr. Tuba Nadide Yilmaz

Dr. Tuba Nadide Yilmaz

Obstetrician Dr. Tuba Nadide Yilmaz is a leading expert in her field, specializing in genital aesthetics and health services with extensive knowledge and experience. She offers comprehensive guidance for maintaining a healthy lifestyle along with customized solutions that cater to individual patient needs using modern treatment methods. We endeavor to restore your self-confidence. Please feel free to contact us for any questions or appointment requests. Our top priority is your health.