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Vagina Aesthetic Prices

Vagina Aesthetic Prices

Vagina Aesthetic Prices

Vaginal aesthetics include surgical procedures to correct aesthetic and functional problems in the genital area of women. These operations can help women feel better both physically and psychologically.

Why Vagina Aesthetics?

Many women prefer vaginal plastic surgery for various reasons.

Physical Causes:
Changes in the vaginal area as a result of childbirth, aging, genetic factors or trauma can lead to aesthetic or functional disturbances.

Psychological Reasons:
Aesthetic problems in the vaginal area can affect women's self-confidence. This can have a negative impact on their social life, sexual life and overall quality of life.

Types of Vagina Aesthetics

Vaginal aesthetics covers several different procedures.

It is an operation that corrects the size and shape of the labia minora. Large lips can be reduced due to discomfort or aesthetic concerns.

It is the narrowing of the vagina. The vagina, which expands after childbirth, can be narrowed with this operation.

It is the process of repairing the hymen. This operation may be preferred for cultural or personal reasons.

Clitoral Hood Reduction:
It is the removal of the skin covering the clitoris. This can be done for aesthetic or functional reasons.

Operation Process

It is important to have information about before, during and after the vaginal aesthetic operation.

Preliminary Preparation:
It is important to clarify the doctor's recommendations, necessary examinations and expectations before the operation. You should also be informed about the risks and consequences of the operation.

Operation and Aftermath:
The operation usually takes 1-2 hours. Afterwards, rest is required for a certain period of time. The things to be considered after the operation will be explained in detail by the doctor.

Vagina Aesthetic Prices

The price of a vaginal aesthetic operation may vary depending on many factors.

Factors and Variables:
The type of operation, the experience of the doctor, the location of the clinic and the complexity of the operation are among the factors that affect the price.

Additional Costs:
There may be additional costs for post-operative medications, check-ups and possible additional procedures.


Results and Expectations

What can you expect after vaginal rejuvenation?

Positive Results:
Many women feel more confident after the operation and get rid of their physical discomfort. In addition to achieving a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, positive changes in sexual life can also be experienced.

Possible Risks:
As with any surgical procedure, there are some risks in vaginal aesthetics. These risks include infection, bleeding, complications related to anesthesia and unwanted aesthetic results.

Long Term Care:
After the operation, taking care as recommended by your doctor will help you get better results in the long run. Regular check-ups and proper care can prevent possible complications.


Vaginal aesthetics is an operation that improves the quality of life of many women. However, if you are considering this operation, it is recommended that you do a detailed research and consult a specialist doctor. Each individual's body and expectations are different. Therefore, it is important to communicate openly with your doctor before and after the operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will there be scars after vaginal aesthetics?
    Depending on the operation techniques and the healing process of your body, minimal scars may remain. However, these scars fade and lose their prominence over time.
  2. When can I start doing sports after the operation?
    Light sports can usually be started after 4-6 weeks, depending on your doctor's recommendation.
  3. Is the operation performed under anesthesia?
    Yes, vaginal aesthetic operations are usually performed under general anesthesia.
  4. What are the complications that may occur after the operation?
    Possible complications include infection, bleeding, anesthesia-related complications and undesirable aesthetic results.
  5. How long does the effect of the operation last?
    The effect of the operation is usually permanent. However, natural processes such as aging and giving birth can cause the results to change over time.