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How to overcome the fear of childbirth

How to overcome the fear of childbirth

How to overcome the fear of childbirth

Hello! Today we would like to talk to you about fear of childbirth. Fear of childbirth can be a sometimes quite intense and worrying feeling that many pregnant women experience. However, it is possible and very important to overcome this fear. Childbirth can be one of the most important experiences of your life and there are a few steps and strategies to help you go through this process in a more positive and confident way.

What is fear of childbirth?

Doğum Korkusunu Anlamak.

Fear of childbirth can develop as a result of many different anxieties that arise during pregnancy and especially at the time of birth. This fear is usually caused by the following factors:

Uncertainty: Childbirth is a process full of unknowns, especially for first-time mothers. Uncertainties about how your body will react, how long it will last and the level of pain can increase the fear of labor.

Fear of Pain: There is a common belief that childbirth will be a painful experience. This belief can cause women to experience fear of childbirth.

Fear of Pain - Relief of Anxiety.

Acı Korkusu – Endişenin Giderilmesi.

Fear of Loss of Control: Thinking that you will lose control during labor can increase fear. In particular, the idea of unplanned situations or unexpected complications can trigger this fear.

Regaining Control During Childbirth

Regaining Control During Childbirth

Negative Experiences: Previous bad birth experiences or hearing negative stories from others can increase fear of childbirth.

What Problems Can Fear of Childbirth Cause?

Uncertainty - A Leading Cause of Fear.

Belirsizlik – Önde Gelen Bir Korku Nedeni.

Fear of childbirth can negatively affect your pregnancy and birth experience. This fear can lead to the following problems:

Stress and Anxiety: People who experience fear of childbirth may be under constant stress. This can be harmful for both the mother and the baby.

Communication Problems: Fear of childbirth can cause difficulties in communicating with health professionals. This can lead to restricted access to the right information.

May Negatively Affect the Birth Experience: Fear of childbirth can cause you to experience more pain and difficulty during labor.

Postpartum Problems: May increase the risk of postpartum depression and anxiety.

How Can You Overcome Fear of Childbirth?

Building a Strong Support System

Building a Strong Support System

You can take steps to overcome the fear of childbirth and turn these negative feelings into a positive birth experience. Here are some ways to overcome the fear of childbirth:

Education and Awareness: As you better understand the birth process and its possibilities, your fears may decrease. Attending childbirth classes or reading books on childbirth can help you gain knowledge.

Meditation and Relaxation Techniques: Try meditation and deep breathing techniques to reduce stress and calm down. This can help to stay calm during labor.

Birth Stories: Listening to or reading positive birth stories can ease your fears. Hearing about positive experiences can help you approach birth from a more positive perspective.

Create a Birth Plan: Making a birth plan can help you know what to expect and give you back some control. However, be flexible and remember that you can change your plans as needed.

Create a Support System: Create a support system, such as family, friends or a doula. These people can be with you and support you.

Get Professional Help: If the fear of childbirth is very intense, consider seeking help from a specialist. Psychotherapy or counseling can help you understand and overcome your fears.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is fear of childbirth?

Fear of childbirth refers to the worries and fears that pregnant women have about the birth process. These fears can include aspects of birth such as pain, uncertainty and loss of control.

Does every pregnant woman experience fear of childbirth?

No, not all pregnant women experience fear of childbirth. Some women experience very little anxiety about childbirth, while others may experience more fear.

Is fear of childbirth normal?

Evet, doğum korkusu oldukça normal bir duygu olabilir. Ancak bu korkunun doğum deneyimini olumsuz etkilemesini önlemek önemlidir.

How can fear of childbirth be reduced?

There are several ways to reduce fear of childbirth, including better understanding the birth process and its possibilities, using meditation and relaxation techniques, listening to positive birth stories, building support systems and seeking professional help.

Can fear of childbirth harm the baby?

If the fear of childbirth is intense and causes constant stress, it can have negative effects on both mother and baby. It is therefore important to deal with the fear of childbirth.

Does fear of childbirth require professional help?

If the fear of childbirth is so intense that it is difficult to cope with other methods, it can be helpful to seek professional help. Psychotherapy or counseling can help you understand and overcome your fears.


Fear of childbirth can be a normal feeling, but you don't have to let this fear negatively affect your birth experience. Better understanding the birth process, comforting yourself and getting support can help you overcome this fear. Remember that every birth experience is different and your experience should focus on the health of you and your baby. Believe that birth can be a powerful experience and take steps to welcome it in a positive way.

Embracing a Positive Birth Experience

Embracing a Positive Birth Experience

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