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What is Vaginal Tightening and What are its Effects on Sexual Life?

Dear women, vaginal tightening applications are a popular topic recently. So what exactly is vaginal tightening and how does it affect sexual life? Let's discuss this issue with Dr. Tuba Nadide Yılmaz.

Vagina Tightening Definition

Vaginal tightening is a non-surgical treatment method that aims to tighten the vaginal walls and entrance. It is generally preferred for postpartum vaginal laxity problems and after menopause.

Vaginal tightening is a non-surgical treatment method that aims to tighten the vaginal walls and entrance. It is generally preferred for postpartum vaginal laxity problems and after menopause.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

What are the Benefits of Vagina Tightening?

Dr. Tuba Nadide Yılmaz's vagina tightening procedures provide the following benefits:

  • It tightens the vaginal walls and increases muscle tone.
  • By narrowing the diameter of the vagina, it gives a feeling close to their old state.
  • It increases friction during sexual intercourse, creating a more intense feeling of pleasure.
  • It also creates a firmer feeling for your partner.
  • Increases sexual confidence and self-esteem.
  • Urinary incontinence riskini azaltır.
  • Relieves sexual problems after menopause.

It is an effective and reliable method when applied in expert hands.

Who Can Get Vagina Tightening?

According to Dr. Tuba Nadide Yılmaz, the following groups can benefit from vaginal tightening:

  • Complaints of vaginal laxity after childbirth
  • Sexual problems after menopause
  • Women who receive complaints from their partners
  • Those who cannot feel pleasure during sexual intercourse
  • Those who have difficulty having an orgasm
  • People with vaginal urinary incontinence
  • People who are generally dissatisfied with their sex life

Frequently Asked Questions About Vaginal Tightening

How is vaginal tightening performed?

The vaginal walls are stimulated and tightened with laser, radiofrequency or PRP injection. The procedure does not require anesthesia and takes 30-40 minutes. Results start in a few weeks.

Does vaginal tightening hurt?

No, there may only be a slight feeling of discomfort. It is usually a painless procedure. Local anesthesia can also be applied if necessary.

Are there risks associated with vaginal tightening?

There is no risk when performed under the supervision of a doctor and with the appropriate method. Although rare, there may be risks such as mild bleeding and infection.

When can sexual intercourse start after vaginal tightening?

After the procedure, sexual intercourse should be avoided for at least 1 week. This period may change according to the doctor's recommendation.

How long does the effect of vaginal tightening last?

It is effective for an average of 1-2 years. It varies according to the person. If there is a loss of effect, the procedure can be repeated.

Who should not undergo vaginal tightening?

Pregnant women, nursing mothers, those with active infections, bleeding disorders and some chronic patients should not undergo this procedure.

How many sessions are required?

It is usually applied in three sessions. If desired, the treatment can be repeated several times. It varies according to the individual situation.

What are the side effects of vaginal tightening?

Mild bleeding, pain, infection (rare) may occur. There are no serious side effects. In case of allergic reaction, consult a physician.

Is vaginal tightening a permanent solution?

There is no permanent effect, the effect may decrease after 1-2 years on average. If the treatment is repeated at regular intervals, the effect can be maintained.

Dr. Tuba Nadide Yilmaz

Dr. Tuba Nadide Yilmaz

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